THE CAT’S MEOW: Rules, Regulations, and Other Details

catsmeowheader_largeEverything you need to know to participate in this exciting event to benefit SAFE Haven for Cats in Raleigh, sponsored by Trig Modern design center and showroom.

Whether you’re a devoted “cat lover” or simply care about all animals, we know you’ll appreciate the work of this wonderful organization as much as we do:

SAFE Haven for Cats is a non-profit, no-kill cat shelter in Raleigh dedicated to ensure the well being of every cat through adoption, affordable spay/neuter services, community outreach, and adherence to no-kill principles. The shelter receives no government funds and relies solely on private donations for 84 percent of its budget.

Trig Modern intends to pad that budget through The Cat’s Meow!

For The Cat’s Meow, architects and other designers throughout the Triangle region will create cool, modern houses for cats and kittens that we will auction off to the highest bidders during a lovely Cocktail Party in Trig Modern’s new showroom in Dock 1053 at 1053 East Whitaker Mill Road, Suite 109, Raleigh, NC 27604.

How “cool” can a house for a cat actually be? Click here and here to see what L.A. architects designed to benefit a spay/neuter effort in their city.

Of course, we have a few rules and regulations (below) before you let your imagination go wild!

The completed houses will be displayed in Trig Modern’s showroom as they come in from May 6 – 8 during regular business hours. Potential bidders should drop by to get an advance look at these unique little houses before the auction.

If you’d like to create a cool cat house for the Auction, please contact Ann Marie Baum at Trig Modern right away so she can place you on the roster: 919.516.8744; Now for the details…

The Cat’s Meow Rules and Regulations

  1. Your house MUST be MODERN in style. No exceptions.
  2. The completed house must be able to fit through a normal-sized door (35.5” wide max.).
  3. You may use any construction materials you like, but the house should not be heavier than two people could carry.
  4. The house will probably end up in someone’s living space, so think of it as a piece of “furniture” (dare we say “sculpture”?) that will contribute to, rather than detract from, the décor.
  5. Quality design and construction are imperative so that the houses will fetch substantial prices. (This is a fundraiser after all!)
  6. Completed houses must be delivered to Trig Modern May 4 – 6 between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  7. Completed houses must be accompanied by:
  • Your name, firm name (if you want), and contact info.
  • Brief descriptive text that the auctioneer and the media can use.
  • Any business cards, etc., that you;d like to display with your house in Trig Modern’s showroom and during the Cocktail Party.

A few other cat-oriented things to consider:

  • All cats love height.
  • House cats love looking outdoors, so your house could be placed near a window.
  • Cats love small spaces they can hide in and surfaces they can scratch.
  • Cats’ sizes vary from, say, 6 pounds to 22 pounds.

For more information on SAFE Haven for Cats:

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